The Instant Poetry

Archiit chatterjee is a new friend of mine, i met him in college when he joined the college in second year. he earlier studied in Alana college of architecture and now is studying with me in school of environment and architecture.

We became close after the goa study trip we had. We both mimic people and also laugh and do crazy stuff like mad people do. We also have a practice  to have breakfast together in college. everyday day we go with our other friends and have breakfast at anna’s joint. this is how we nourish our friendship.

in this post I am sharing some instant poetry that we did just while chatting on whattsapp. It is in urdu. We both developed this art while we both were in a seminar that college arranged for a week, it was about urdu poetry.


[5/18, 11:56 PM] sitoo🐼: Dard hai bahut ghera mera,
Na samje kab hoga sabera,
Andharkar ka chaya hai dhera,
koi haat thamlo mera,
kheecho zara muje tu kudha hai mera.
[5/18, 11:56 PM] sitoo🐼: Aadab
[5/18, 11:57 PM] Archit: Last me add kar aur kuch
[5/18, 11:57 PM] Archit: Baki subhanallah
[5/18, 11:57 PM] sitoo🐼: Last mein kidhar
[5/18, 11:58 PM] Archit: Kheecho k pehle
[5/18, 11:58 PM] sitoo🐼: Soochta hu
[5/18, 11:59 PM] Archit: Ha
[5/18, 11:59 PM] sitoo🐼: Dekhu zara hota hai kya sabera
[5/18, 11:59 PM] Archit: Ha aur kuch
[5/18, 11:59 PM] sitoo🐼: Saale nazm likhu kya ba
[5/18, 11:59 PM] sitoo🐼: Ab*
[5/19, 12:00 AM] Archit: Likh de nazm ah mere dost
[5/19, 12:01 AM] Archit: Likh de apni dil ki dard
[5/19, 12:01 AM] sitoo🐼: Abhi soone ja raha hu
[5/19, 12:01 AM] sitoo🐼: Saturday ko
[5/19, 12:01 AM] Archit: Duwa kar us khuda se jisne banaya nazm walo ko
[5/19, 12:01 AM] Archit: Duwa kar us khuda se
[5/19, 12:01 AM] Archit: Jisne banaya nazm walo ko
[5/19, 12:01 AM] sitoo🐼: Jisne banay nazm walo ko
[5/19, 12:03 AM] sitoo🐼: Ki shayar bhi ban gaya mein bhul ke mere saalon ko
[5/19, 12:03 AM] Archit: Chand toh wese bhi chip jata hai .. Badal ho ya andhar ho
[5/19, 12:03 AM] Archit: Ek no
[5/19, 12:03 AM] sitoo🐼: Phir bhi kehete hai
[5/19, 12:03 AM] sitoo🐼: Dil wale leke jayange dulhaniya ko
[5/19, 12:04 AM] sitoo🐼: Magar bhai papad kaun belega barat mein khilaneko
[5/19, 12:05 AM] sitoo🐼: Main bolta hu ki likhu to usko paayar jata ne ko
[5/19, 12:05 AM] Archit: Waah
[5/19, 12:05 AM] sitoo🐼: Magar sapna hai abhi tut jane ko
[5/19, 12:05 AM] Archit: Aha
[5/19, 12:06 AM] sitoo🐼: Amir paisa kamata hai udane ko magar muflis jama karta hai apno ka peth bharane ko
[5/19, 12:07 AM] sitoo🐼: Main bolta hu kudha ne banya to dil se uske bando ko
[5/19, 12:08 AM] sitoo🐼: Magar dil mein se pathar nikalna sikhaya is zamaneko
[5/19, 12:08 AM] Archit: Waah
[5/19, 12:08 AM] sitoo🐼: Aadab
[5/19, 12:08 AM] sitoo🐼: Aadab
[5/19, 12:08 AM] Archit: Waah
[5/19, 12:08 AM] Archit: Miya waah
[5/19, 12:08 AM] sitoo🐼: Apna archive karna chiyea sab chat
This is how friendship flourishes, with understanding, with maturity and child like attitude.
Friendship is the key to a happy life.