About Personal Space

There is an elective that is going in in my college related to the GAZA 51 theme. Gaza is a place in israel that has witnessed many wars. The city is very dense and the people there are very creative and sharing. I haven’t been there but I have heard this from people who have visited that place and also by looking at young artists work from gaza. During curfew the people come out to balconies and interact and cook there. There are speakers in all the balconies and everyone listen to the same songs. This kind of space that is created is very different and very energetic. In our daily life we experience this at home, in housing societies, in trains and many different places. Space is a term that is not easy to explain and there are many different kinds of spaces that a human or a living organism occupies or uses. But here I talk ABOUT PERSONAL SPACES.

The exercise that we did in college today started by a warm up. The warm up is a bit different. There is music played and we all do certain movements and after doing it 8 times we change. and we do it for two rounds. Later we were given thread and we had to take the amount that we needed and then make a space that we need around us. The space could be open, enclosed, partially open. It could have doors and smaller openings etc. After this first step the next was to close our eyes and then imagine the space and feel it. It was about analysing the space that I had created. Later on the we were told to move around into the spaces that others had created and quickly analyse it. So when I was moving around the space that my friends had created I observed that some did not have openings and I didn’t enter those spaces. I also observed that there were space which were too open and I didn’t go there either. Those for me like public spaces. There were two spaces that I could relate to easily and those were not too open and not too closed. but the entry was like a maze and the inner most part was very isolated. Such kind of isolated space is needed when I have ti think something deep or question myself and my existence.

The next and the last step was the remain in our own spaces and to invite others to our space. No one invited me and i felt bad but then I realised that I am maybe expecting from wrong people or I do  not have anyone to be called by. But when my chance came I called a few and I didn’t chose anyone particularly. I just took name that came to my mind first. I am a person who likes to interact and mix with new people. When I talk to person I expect that person to respond in a certain manner, if it doesn’t happen i stop talking to that person or avoid talking. This I think is natural. My definition of friendship is very different and when it comes to personal space it changes with respect to what I am thinking or with whom I am. Sharing for me depends on how much and I trust that person. And trust I believe comes and builds by interacting more and more.  And thus there will be soon a poem on talking in hindi.



Modernism and Post Modernism both fight to grab a place in the architect’s mind. But it is modernism the architect who decides on basis of their morals and values. Mies told “LESS IS MORE” whereas Venturi replied to it sarcastically by saying “LESS IS BORE”. So according to Venturi the idea of modernism was to make things look more ornamental and to romanticize architecture by adding more and more to it but still keeping the aesthetics of the building.

It is said that modernism started in New York and postmodernism started in Las Vegas by the building of different hotels and the idea that the appearance of the building should convey the function of the same. The earlier buildings in vegas like MGM hotel. Hotel Venetian etc. these hotels just replicate their names. Example the Venetian hotel has structure like the city of venice. Another example given in the text is about the piazza in new orlean. The plaza is made in a way one gets experience of Italy looking at all the decorated facades with all the column orders used in one go. This is just to decorate and to give a sense of Italy by just putting them with no meaning. This is the way postmodernism came up in vegas and other places.

Post modernism is basically everything after modernism. So all the buildings and ides that came up after the 1970’s are considered to be postmodern. Post modernism challenged many ideas of modernism like symmetry and went into abstraction, it challenges the use of material. It challenges the idea of ornamentation. The best example of breaking the symmetry and making abstract forms is the Guggenheim museum, Bilbao Spain. The form is challenged and the symmetry is broken. Another architect is Zaha Hadid who challenges material and form both and makes free flowing structures which may people told couldn’t stay. Another architect who collects and builds is Carlos Scarpa. The idea of collections is basically collecting different forms and shapes and putting them together in a way which one can relate with and also choosing the right material that could express the form to the fullest.

It is not that modernism didn’t have such characteristics, it’s just that the values then and now have changed and the ideas are put together in a correct manner to make one experience the space or building. There were many failures in the postmodern architecture where the building was supposed to be something and it became something else.

But I feel that post-modernism is a trend as the way it is progressing challenges all the notions of buildings, space and many other ideas. But it is applicable only if the ideas of postmodernism are implemented in a correct manner.

It is necessary to learn from the mistakes that the early postmodern architects did and absorb the ideas of the latter. One might get leaded to super modernism.