One day in college we were told to write and essay on architecture and I started compiling different essays related to architecture and started reading them. Slowly I came across many writings that were intense and important but somehow I found them a bit difficult to understand, so I decided to write about the same topics but from my point of view. slowly I started maintaining a separate diary for that and listed the topics that I could write on or I wish to write on. This is how I ┬ádeveloped an idea of writing about architecture. But the idea of life for me is still confusing. I did a vipassana meditation course in January 2013 and that changed me. I could understand myself more and also I could prioritize my needs. This is how I came in contact with life. Slowly I stared looking at the small mundane things of life and then started writing about them in form of poems, shayaris, capturing them in form of pictures, etc. This is how I name my blog “Architecture and life”.